Middle East and Africa Tour

Congorock 2-Way Livestream // Volume (Seattle, WA) – 2/5/14

Fabric London!

tomorrow at Fabric along Jack Beats, Foreign Beggars, Uz! Very excited for this one

New single Seth out now on Rising Music

Congorock Interview // LED Festival 2013

Tattoo.com caught up with Congorock in San Diego at the My Life Every Day USA 2013 LED Festival. Check it out!

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For more LED Events check out: http://mylifeeveryday.com/

Congorock and Clockwork at takeovr!

Shows this weekend!

This weekend I’m going to be in Seattle at Foundation Nightclub and Portland on Saturday at Whiskey Bar PDX. See you there!

iTunes Playlist for April!

Congorock’s latest iTunes Playlist has landed! Get it here.



Camp Bisco anyone??

UNIUN Nightclub, Toronoto tonight and Le Belmont, Montreal tomorrow!